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Norman Frost - Artist Profile

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a London-based painter working in oils and acrylics. I am currently studying at the Art Academy London for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Portraiture. If you like my work do get in touch and let me know how I can help you.


Art Academy London - Foundation Degree in Contemporary Portraiture - 2017 to date.

Short courses at Putney School of Art, The Royal Drawing School and Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and the Arts - 2000 – 2017


100 Days of Solitude – online group exhibition - September 2020.

Beyond the Likeness – online group exhibition of commissioned works and self-portraits - April 2020.

Curiosity – Group Exhibition at Newington Gallery - September 2019.

South London goes to the seaside. Group exhibition at the Viking Gallery, Northdown Road Margate - April 2014.

Lee Green Open Studios November - 2008 –2010


Harriet and the Owl – Oil on canvas.   Private client - June 2020

Helm Crag - double portrait – Oil on canvas. Private client - July 2020

Mother and child portrait - Oil on linen. Private Client - March 2019.

Pre-nuptial portrait – pastel on paper. Private Client - May 2014.

Battersea Poems – book illustration - November 2009

Artist Profile: Bio
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